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Get Hold Of Your Riches Using Holy Ash, Methylated Spirit and Sea salt

Using Holy Ash Methylated Spirit and Sea salt


Get Hold Of Your Riches Using Holy Ash, Methylated Spirit and Sea salt

Methylated spirit is commonly used to clean surfaces, is a heating fuel and used for clear skin and healing wounds. Methylated spirit is alcohol based.

Methylated spirit is also used around African countries to chase away evil spirit in the house or on a person. It is used to heal spiritual sicknesses from evil spirits and from other forms of misfortune.

Holy ash is made from a cow dung that is prepares at a gasalas. The ding is made into flat circular cakes like pie and dried in the sun after that crushed into a powder. Only a native breed of cow’s can be used to make “vibhuti” some type of holy ash.

Bhasma is another type of holy ash that is mostly used. It is made from the sacred tree which is burnt and dried in Agamic rituals.

Holy ash is widely used in India to sanctify the body and chase away evil spirit and dark energies. Holy ash gained popularity in African countries It is esteemed to work wonders on removing bad luck.

Sea Salt is used as a seasoning in foods. It is produced by the evaporation of the seawater. That is Why it is considered the pure salt.

Sea Salt is used to remove bad evil spells in your surroundings and house. It is basically sprinkled in all corners of the room to deactivate any evil doing and vibes.

When these three ingredients are made they form a very powerful concoction that deactivates the evil spirits and active a person’s fortunes.

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