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Get To Know Spoorloos Season 3 Cast ,Steynhof Actors and Their Real Names

Get To Know Spoorloos Season 3 Cast ,Steynhof Actors


Get To Know Spoorloos Season 3 Cast ,Steynhof Actors and Their Real Names

Get To Know Spoorloos Season 3 Cast, Steynhof Actors

Spoorloos cast and actors have contributed to the show to make it interesting to watch. Season 3 features many stars faces in the TV and film industry. The serial revolves around the story of the kidnap of a baby after her parents were murdered.

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About Spoorloos: Steynhof

In Spoorloos: Steynhof, a baby disappears from a farm in the Northern Cape. Two people are found dead. There is no trace of the baby or her carer. What happened that fateful night? Who was murdered and by whom? And why was the baby abducted?

Fifteen years later her family gets the news: She was found.

Fifteen-year-old Adri Erasmus realizes that there is no record of her birth. With the help of Xander, a highly intelligent school friend, she finds out that a baby disappeared fifteen years earlier. The main suspect in the abduction is the child carer Liena April as she also disappeared that same night. Looking for answers, Adri finds herself on a farm deep in the Northern Cape where she is welcomed with open arms but is soon becomes apparent that not everybody wants her to find out the truth.

This is the background of the third season of Spoorloos that starts in July on kykNET. The eight-part series follows the same thread as the previous seasons of Spoorloos, explains Ilse van Hemert, producer and script editor of the new series. Ilse’s Ochre Pictures, producers of all three of the Spoorloos seasons, was also responsible for the M-Net hit series Lioness.


Spoorloos Cast season 3
Adri in Class, DStv.

To summarise, the serial basically tells the story of the disappearance of a baby from a farm situated in the Northern Cape. Two bodies are discovered with no trace of the missing child and her carer.

  • What occurred that night?
  • Who was killed and who is the murderer?
  • What is the reason behind the baby’s abduction?

It’s been fifteen years and the family gets the good news on the baby’s (who is now a teenager) discovery. Adri Erasmus is left with no record of her birth.

A super-intelligent friend of hers, Xander, discovers that she went missing fifteen years ago.

Liena April, her carer, becomes the primary suspect since she also went missing on that fateful night.

In search of answers, fifteen-year-old Adril finds herself on a farm in Northern Cape and received open arms welcome. With time, it was clear that some people still want the truth hidden from her.

Spoorloos Season 3 Cast

In the cast of Spoorloos: Steynhof is Stiaan Smith (Toorbos, Meisies wat fluit, Hotel), Jane de Wet (Griekwastad, Trackers), Brent Vermeulen (Griekwastad, Die Stropers), Diaan Lawrenson (7de Laan, Raaiselkind), Arno Marais (Die Boekklub, Getroud met rugby), Eloise Clasen (Binnelanders, The river), Vinette Ebrahim (7de Laan, Skemerdans), Ivan D. Lucas (Dryfsand, Soutmansland), Wayne van Rooyen (Fiela se kind, Inconceivable), Franci Swanepoel (Getroud met rugby, Sterlopers) and Kim Cloete (Fynskrif, Afgrond).
Jane de Wet Adri van Tonder
Daniah de Villiers Giselle
Kim Cloete Aneen
Neels Clasen Nick Malherbe
Vinette Ebrahim Franci
Ivan D. Lucas Hans
Franci Swanepoel Therese van Tonder
Wayne van Rooyen Simon
Stiaan Smith Daniel Steyn
Diaan Lawrenson Joey Steyn
Christo Davids Jason
Brent Vermeulen Xander Malherbe
Arno Marais Herman

Jane de Wet plays the role of Adri, Diaan Lawrenson appears on the serial as Joey, Daniel is the role Stiaan Smith plays, and Wayne van Rooyen was cast as Simon.

Annebell Kohl appears as Liena, Franci Swanepoel plays the role of Therese, Brent Vermeulen was cast as a highly intelligent school friend of Adri – Xander.

Donovan Pietersen plays the role of Toni, Arno Marais was cast as Herman, Eloise Clasen portrays Susan and Christo Davids as Jason.

Ivan D. Lucas was cast in the kyNET drama series as Hans and Vinette Ebrahim play the role of Franci.

Follow Spoorloos: Steynhof S3 from Tuesday 6 July on kykNET at 8:00 PM.

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