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Gomora Cast ,Characters,Roles,Real Names & Their Ages In 2021

Gomora cast


Gomora Cast ,Characters,Roles,Real Names & Their Ages In 2021

Gomora Cast ,Characters,Roles,Real Names & Their Ages In 2021

Gomora cast gives a list of characters and the actors behind them. The Mzansi Magic telenovela tells a story of the world the upper and lower class communities of a crowded, hard-working township named Gomora. Mzansi Magic telenovela Gomora cast list will include photos of the actors when available. This list includes all of the Gomora main actors and actresses, especially those who are an integral part of the show.

You’ll get to learn more about these Gomora stars, such as where the actor was born, their real name, and what their year of birth and ages are. This cast list of actors from Gomora focuses primarily on the main characters, but there may be a few actors who played smaller roles on Gomora that are on here as well.

If you are one of the people wondering, “Who are the actors from Gomora?” or “Who starred on Gomora?” then this list will help you answer those questions.

The telenovela features popular faces in the movie industry. Katlego Danke (Thathi), Zolisa Xaluva (Melusi), Connie Chiume (Mam’Sonto), Thembi Seete (Gladys), Ntobeko Sishi (Ntokozo), Siphesihle Ndaba (Mazet), and other big names appeared on the show.

It follows a story of different classes (the rich and the poor). Gomora tells a story of the lives of 2 families. It reveals stories based on romance, prejudices, social inequalities, family coalition, and suspense.

The first episode was released on 30 March 2020 on Mzansi Magic.

Gomora Full Cast

Gomora cast

Click On The names of these popular Gomora actors and actresses to find out more information about them.

Cast / Real Name Character
Katlego Danke Thathi
Zolisa Xaluva Melusi
Connie Chiume Mam’ Sonto
Thembi Seete Gladys
Ntobeko Sishi Ntokozo
Siphesihle Ndaba Mazet
Ama Qamata Buhle
Siya Xaba Langa
Sicelo Buthelezi Teddy
Siyasanga Papu Pretty
Lerato Mokoka Tshiamo
Khaya Mthembu Sbonga
Sannah Mchunu Zodwa
Ernest Msibi Mohato

Get To Know More About Gomora Cast

The cast consists of a number of veterans in the South African acting industry, with a few new additions.

Mbongeni’s trophy wife and Melusi’s high school sweetheart. She has managed to escape her lowly, humble township roots and was living the high life as a socialite in Sandton. She was married to the CEO and major shareholder of CBS Bank, Mbongeni Ndaba (Themba Ndaba), who is found guilty of fraud.
His death in a botched hijacking attempt brings her back into the Kasi lifestyle. Her mother brought her into the hijacking business and she shares a child with Melusi. (Main role. Season 1 – present)
Thathi and Pretty’s mother. She is the puppet master in the township who orchestrated the hijacking which ultimately led to her son-in-law’s death. She is the matriarch of the Molefe family and is respected by the Gomora community.
A street-smart and tough social worker who believes in uplifting the community. She mediates the conflict between father and son in their home. Gladys feels insecure about Melusi and That’s a relationship because Thathi is Melusi’s high school sweetheart.
An uptight, strict father. He previously had a relationship with Thathi and is now married to Gladys. He is a principal in the local high school. He expects his son to be an overachiever. He is looked upon by the community as a respected man, though his household can barely make ends meet. He is the patriarch of the Dlamini family. He is Ntokozo and Langa’s father.
The son of Gladys who seeks affection from his father Melusi, to no avail. Thus he joins a band of criminals and is involved in the botched hijacking, being responsible for pulling the trigger. His mood and habit change, which becomes noticeable to his parents. He was in an unstable relationship with Buhle. He is Langa’s half-brother.
Buhle is Thathi’s spoilt daughter. She finds herself in the township on account of his father’s missing payments on school fees and life insurance. She was previously in an unstable relationship with Ntokozo. Buhle has since left the show, saying she had to study with her best friend in Durban.
  • Langa Ndaba (Siya Xaba)

Langa is Thathi and Melusi’s son and the firstborn of the family. Langa is the more level-headed child between him and Buhle. He is friends with Teddy and Ntokozo.

  • Teddy (Sicelo Buthelezi)

Teddy is a teenager who has been adopted by Gladys and Melusi due to the fact that his mother (Zodwa) drinks a lot. Teddy was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, which causes him to be a slow learner. Teddy is friends with Ntokozo and Langa.
As the show goes on, it shows that male rape exists as Teddy was raped by Gladys’ friend Ms. Manzi (a young and attractive teacher) and he undergoes severe psychological and social problems while dealing with it.
Thathi’s younger sister. She carries resentment towards her as she has been in her sister’s shadow all her life. As the show progresses, Thati and Pretty are shown to have a better sibling relationship. Pretty is mother to Tshiamo and is Sbonga’s wife.
A female expert on hijacking cars trained by Mam’Sonto. She has lured Ntokozo into a life of crime and has a history with Ntokozo’s dad.
  • Tshiamo Molefe (Lerato Mokoka)

She is the daughter of Pretty Molefe and Sbonga who is also the son-in-law of Mam’ Sonto. Tshiamo had a difficult relationship with Langa and Buhle in the beginning, but they have all grown closer with Tshiamo being very close to Langa.
  • Zodwa Zondo (Sanah Mchunu)

Zodwa is a recovering alcoholic and is Teddy’s mother. She was best friends with Gladys in High School. Due to her addiction to alcohol, Zodwa was taken to rehab and came back to work for Melusi and Gladys. She can be fierce at times, especially when she feels provoked by Gladys. She and Teddy have a very close relationship. As the show goes on, she dates Bongani.
  • Sbonga (Khaya Mthembu)

Sbonga is Pretty’s husband and Tshiamo’s father. He works at Sonto’s tavern and he is cohabiting with Pretty in Sonto’s house. This makes him subject to ridicule by community members. He dreams of taking Pretty and Tshiamo out of Gomora.(Recurring role. Season 1 – present)
  • Jackie Hlungwani

A no-nonsense teacher at Gomora High School that has a close working relationship with Melusi Dlamini. Jackie has been seen to be very intuitive when something seems to be wrong with her students.

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