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King Monada Songs Top 10 in 2021

King Monada Songs Top 10 in 2021


King Monada Songs Top 10 in 2021

King Monada’s top 10 songs from 2019-2021

If you followed any of King Monada 2021 new songs then you know that the artist is highly talented. Even so, we have seen with most of his hit tracks are from previous years. Most people may have come to identify with him later in his music career. One of Monada’s songs 2021 was especially the cause of his sudden blowup.

Top 10 songs by King Monada that you should know

Before listening to the top 10 list, check out this recent official video for King Monada new hit 2019 Chuwana.
  • 1 Idibala
    • 1.1 Chiwana
    • 1.2 Sekorokoro Featuring Lebb Simons
    • 1.3 Benz Featuring CK
    • 1.4 Pelo Ya Baba
    • 1.5 Balance Featuring Leon Lee
    • 1.6 Driver Ya Marato Featuring Henry C
    • 1.7 Bosta Nna
    • 1.8 Good Life Featuring Clement
    • 1.9 Passport Featuring CK The DJ

Here is a list of ’s songs from 2019 to 2021

 is one of the best Gqom artists in South Africa. He is best known for his hit “Idibala”, “Chiwana” and “Sekorokoro”. The 27 years old artist is known for releasing songs that will stay in the mind of his listeners for a long time. This is evident from his single releases and collaborative works.

King Monada indeed had a wonderful run in 2019, with his impressive studio project, singles, and collaborations. He managed to draw fans to his style of music. Every of his song for the year 2019 was and is still a hit.

The following are the top 10 songs from King Monada’s discography released from 2019-2020. Feel free to add your own suggestions to the list.

  1. Idibala

  1. Chiwana

  1. Sekorokoro Featuring Lebb Simons

  1. Benz Featuring CK

  1. Pelo Ya Baba

  1. Balance Featuring Leon Lee

  1. Driver Ya Marato Featuring Henry C

  1. Botxa Nna

  1. Good Life Featuring Clement

  1. Passport Featuring CK The DJ

King Monada latest 2020-2021 songs

As we have said already, he is a songwriter, music producer, and singer. He has many songs under his name, with Wa Ngobatxa being one of his latest creations that took the world by storm. Going by King Monada 2020 songs, we can all agree that last year was great for the talented artist, given that his songs became popular. Have you listened to his latest hits?

King Monada music is one of the most loved in the entertainment industry. These songs are sweet to the ear like they are pleasing to watch. Thanks to Monada, South Africa’s entertainment scene is experiencing something new. Here are all King Monada songs 2021.

If you had a few expectations, then it is time for you to re-think. King Monada has released some of the best hits that ever graced South Africa’s music scene. His music has lyrical soundness, great audio, and finally, crispy clear video. Together, they vividly show the ideas of the artist.

1. King Monada – Wa Ngobatxa feat. Jen Jen and Mack Eaze

2. King Monada x Dr Rackzen – Okwa Kae

3. King Monada – Ase Moruti

4. King Monada – Dzena Mo

5. King Monada and Mack Eaze feat. Dr Rackzen and Marskay- Stima Mollo

6. King Monada and Mack Eaze- One Million

7. King Monada and Mack Eaze feat Henny C – Ake Ready

8. King Monada feat Mack Eaze – Thimane di phone

9. King Monada feat Dr Rackzen – Chemo

10. King Monada and Dr Rackzen – Hlala


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