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Are Oozies Really Dog Food? Learn The Truth About Oozies

Are Oozies Really Dog Food, Learn The Truth About Oozies


Are Oozies Really Dog Food? Learn The Truth About Oozies

Oozies are a bunch of snacks in South Africa from the organization Oishi. Many individuals love these snacks as they have some chocolate chips that can keep individuals coming for more and they are entirely moderate as individuals can get them for just R1. 

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Individuals have been stunned after it was exposed on social media that oozies were canine food. Many are unsettled anyway many concede to the flavorful taste of the tidbits and say they will keep getting them.

For the individuals who love eating the bites yet anyway need to quit eating oozies, will be glad to track down that the bites are really not canine food. Maybe the shape and the shade of bites can give a thought that they are nourishment for canines yet they really are not. This is on the grounds that canines can not eat chocolate.

Canines are sensitive to chocolate and when a canine eats chocolate, the outcomes could deliver lethal as the canine would even pass on. Chocolate contains thermocline and caffeine, which canines can not process. Any canine that eats chocolate could fall fundamentally debilitated and lose their lives. On the off chance that you were anticipating purchasing oozies for your canine, you should ponder that twice before you really kill your adored pet

You can have confidence that our number one tidbits, are not made for canines yet people as chocolate is harmful to canines. It is significant that individuals quit succumbing to every single data that they hear or see via web-based media without confirming it.

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