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Sprinkle Jeyes Fluid Mixed With Sand And Salt Around Your Home.

Sprinkle Jeyes Fluid Mixed with Sand and Salt Around your home.


Sprinkle Jeyes Fluid Mixed With Sand And Salt Around Your Home.

There are some bad spirits that does cost some homes not to prosper and in some homes you will find family members always fighting, bad spirits do cause such bad blood. Sometimes you find that there’s no peace in your home yet you don’t know what could be the problem, you not getting along with each other in your family, sometimes you might think of moving out from home but that it won’t help as when you move out, you inherit some of these bad spirit and the bad blood will continue in your new home. These evil spirits does not want to see people prosper and they cause many things even sickness or bad lucks, however getting rid of these evil spirits is not that much complicated as you don’t have to ask a help from sangoma or prophet. Just buy a bottle of JEYES fluid and a small pack of salt, then you go where there is a four way cross then in the center you pick some sand and put it in the plastic bag.When you get to your home, you take a tab the pour JEYES fluid, add salt and the sand too. You must find something to sprinkle with and once you have found it, you then move around your yard sprinkle your combo while you talking and casting these evil spirits to leave your home and your family.The best time to do all that is at the evening around 7pm, then after it’s done, you go to your house and never allow anyone to leave the house or go outside till the morning.

Here Is What Will Happen During That Night After You Have Sprinkled The Combo.

During that night you will feel different, some other people often feel like there is something that is actually moving out of their body.

You will hear some footsteps outside your house during that night and if you check through the window you’ll actually see nothing, do not be scared it’s nothing scary just these spirits running away looking for a path to exit and as you have poured the combo all around, these spirits will not leave your home but instead they will die.

There following days you will start realizing that there’s actually peace and love in your house but it was just deemed by bad spirits, even those family members who had wanted nothing to do with you, they will start visiting and even those you were not in good terms with them, they will eventually love to spend more time in your house.

Sometimes you do not have to call the sangoma or a prophet in order to solve some issues that your house is going through, you just have to ask people who have knowledge of what your house is going through and ask them for the things that they had used to solve what you are also facing.

If someone has anything to do with these evil spirits in your house, the following days you will see them hating you or even not talking to you. They won’t hide it that they hate you, you will see by their actions that they no longer like you or want to talk to you, then you’ll know that that’s the one.

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